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Key Staff

Michal Laska

Sales Director
Office: Poland
Email: michal.laska@bwkglobal.com

Omar Farra

Finance / Purchase Director
Office: United Kingdom
Email: omar.farra@bwkglobal.com

Awais Amanat

Purchase Manager Asia
Office: Pakistan
Email: awais.amanat@bwkglobal.com

Cathy Robertson

Operations Director
Office: United Kingdom
Email: cathy.robertson@bwkglobal.com

Mission Statement & Core Values

BWK Global serves as a sourcing agent for our clients in Eastern Europe and Russia. We have the demand, ability and resources to purchase large quantities of stock quickly and with immediate payment.

BWK connects producers around the globe with our clients based in the growing Eastern European markets. We have warehouses and offices in the UK and Poland as well as a buying office in Pakistan. We are able to offer:

1. Fast flexible payment
2. A smooth and efficient purchasing process
3. Large consistent demand
4. Good professional service

We offer the best solution for producers and recyclers who are looking to expand sales into Eastern Europe.

Core Values

1. Trust
2. Reliability
3. Efficiency
4. Professionalism
5. Flexibility

Other Key Staff

Humar Ghafoor

European Sales Manager
Office: United Kingdom
Email: humar.ghafoor@bwkglobal.com